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OPOS Automatic Plate Recognition System

B2TX weighing terminal is in compliance with industrial conditions provided by the Android operation which enables the system to work for many years. ANPR number plate reading camera and integration of the Android operation system offers advantages comparing to other company’s automatic number plate solution in sector. Certainly the structure does not allow the system to malfunction by user errors and it enables safety at first OPOS and integration B2TX. The occurrence of errors on Windows operating system and its users during the lifespan of system does not allow the loss of data

%95 Plate Reading Accuracy

Plate Reading Single and Double Direction

Advanced Reporting System

Multi-Country Plate Reading Support

Image Record of Car

OPOS, vehicles running through single or dual plate reading camera detects vehicles over weighbridge. Detected license vehicles plates; date/ time , camera and ID plate are stored in the database with B2TX The latest number plate read by the system queried the database B2TX determines the vehicle weighing input mode for 1 or 2. Weighing photographs of registration vehicles which are weighted by OPOS stored in memory of B2TX.

Document printing can be accomplished via accesing photo weighing information thanks to web interface. Documents as a PDF format of different office programs can be stored in the local computer. With high sensivity of plate reading camera and plate reading performance at %95 and functionality of B2TX OPOS provide convenience to our users.