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V Beam Modular Type Weighbridges

Taralsa modular type vehicle weighbridge series mechanical parts are manufactured in light of R&D/Design work done by our company with the principle of using advanced technology and quality workmanship by our professional team. The modular type vehicle weighbridge series is presented to our customers whilst keeping quality at the forefront by constantly following new technologies for dependable and accurate measurements based on high precision within our systematic structure.
We present you our modular type vehicle weighbridge series with their minimum cost of maintenance, durable structure, broad service network, structure made up of standard components with no spare part problems together with software that has east menus and fast processing performance which allows for an easy user experience.

Pit Type Modular Weighbridge


8 – 24 meter


60 – 120 ton


3 meter

Ramp Type
Modular Weighbridge

The truss beam of the platform shall be custom manufactured V type. The bearing capacity of the platform is %30 higher than it’s nominal capacity. The topping plate of the platform is to be 10mm and 8mm St37 A1 quality flat plate. The topping plate connections to the bended plate traverses shall be welded (gas metal). The platform is to have one undercoat and two coats of paint over it. Our establishment’s standard paint color is carmen red (Ral 3002) and (Ral 7034).
B2TX is a device that you can perform your weighing applications with high software functionality in approved weight indicator (B2) and an operating system that is running your application (Android). To use the device it is enough to connect keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer. Loadcels used in systemenables to work in difficult conditions for many years and used in the petroleum and chemical industries (ATEX versions) with OIML R60 C Class certified, 3000/4000 division, stainless steel structure, IP69K (EN 60529) protection class.
By means of stainless steel junction box structure and board potentiometer providing long-lasting protection adjustable platform corner scale, certified protection, resistant to moisture and dust, silicone junction point, 10 loadcell connection facilities during vehicle’s maneuver on weighbridge there are steel-based installation accessories on leadcells for shock movement of trucks in entrance and exit. Assembly units work as a suspension and buffering to eliminate thermal expansion, unsteady weight and misalignment.

B2 Series Terminal

LCD Screen

Dot-Matrix Printer

Steel Weigh Platfrom

Stainless Steel Junction Box

Electronic Circuit

Stainless Steel C4 Class Loadcells

Load Cell Installation Kit


(Automatic Plate Recognition System)

(Unmanned Weighing System)

Traffic Lights

Optical Barrier

External Indicator




RF-ID Reader