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B2TX Weighing Terminal


Operating System

B2TX is a device that you can perform your weighing applications. There is a approved weight indicator (B2) and an operating system that is running your applicaton (Android) is located in terminal. To use the device it is enough to connect monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer simply.

Main features of B2TX scale terminal; compact solution in scale indicator and application software, simple usage, easy to-learn, the useful visual interface, reliable operating system (not to effected by virus and operation errors), customise software depending on your software. And ability to shut down properly in case if power failure thanks to lithium polymer battery.

RS-232 and RS-485, input-output, cable and wireless net, contactless smart card reader, IP camera options. Ability to report scales which are carried out by device simultaneously via internet option (www.kantar.biz), to recieve reports from your browser with integrated web server, and save your reports as Excel files and integration with ANPR cameras are among the plate reading device features.

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